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New Church Community

Great Meeting, Good Thoughts!

The meeting this past Sabbath was inspiring. There were many good thoughts and ideas expressed verbally and in writing about what an Acts 2, community could become in our day.

Here are just a few:

“We would lookout for one another. We would share with one another. If someone is missing we would notice and follow up with them. We would meet more often for fellowship reasons and not just on Sabbath.”

“It seems to me that a key to fellowship is to get people to donate the skills they have to others in the group.”

“…a church of prayer and a church of fellowship (they ate together and discussed doctrine) and a church of action. In was a church of transparency as they each knew it was only through the power of Jesus that anything could be finished.  Acts 4:32 states it well.. one heart and one soul.”

“…a contemporary Acts 2 church would celebrate its cultural diversity.”

“Embrace new worshipers, be welcoming, be open armed and open minded… Jesus accepted the presence of prostitutes and preached to them… Before God works a transformation in someone’s life, they have to start from somewhere.  Can we accept them wherever they are?  I don’t have a definitive opinion about how far this can or should go, but it is definitely more than your average adventist church.”

“I have found that although there are sound basic biblical principles that we can follow, we need to reflect and serve the community that we are in.”

“No ‘blank stares’ in the pews. Participation should be much higher than average – singing, studying, being part of a ministry. Everyone should be part of a ministry.”

These are bold and heartfelt statements. Importantly, everyone seems to express the same passion for acceptance, transparency and reaching-out to those around us.  It is Christ who provides the desire to become His people.  The church exists because He willed it. He’s a God of action.

Thinking and dialogue are important steps in this process and will certainly continue, but what we actually “do” shapes our ideas and defines who we really are.  Are you ready to do something daring?

Let’s Continue the Dialogue in a New Way…

I invite you to step-out in simple, heart-felt worship, looking at what the bible and Spirit are saying to us in April 2010. Partner with us in prayer towards a deeper, experience of community.

It’s time to “be the church”.

Praying for you… Pastor Paul


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