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God’s Touch 2001-09

Some of you expressed the importance of reviewing some of the highlights over past years, places where God’s touch was evident. So here goes… Over the past eight years, growth, both numerically and qualitatively has characterized the Church and School.

Attendance GrowthAttendance growth increased from a weekly average of 350-400 in 2001 to presently around 650 in both 9:00 and 11:30 am Sabbath services. Growth has been evident in many ways, ranging from launching a new church-plant in 2007, (Crosswalk Fellowship), to The “Jesus Loves Jeans” evangelistic meetings (35 baptisms), to hosting the live, Amazing Facts-3ABN satellite broadcast; “Amazing Adventure,” with Doug Bachelor – down-linked, world-wide to over 2,350 sites in over 89 countries.3095657057_899891971f

Spiritual growth, indicated by increased member involvement showed up in a variety of ministries. Take for example Sabbath School, which averaged 268 in attendance during 2004. By 2005-09 there were over 480 regular attendees, a 117% increase. Between 2007-8, tithe exceeded $1 million dollars. The acquisition of Centennial Blvd, firmly established a K-12, fully accredited academy in North Dallas for the first time, marking not only the culmination of a forty+ year dream, but a remarkable breakthrough.

The North Dallas Adventist Academy, opened on a ten acre, $3.5m campus in August 2008, with over $900,000 in donations and new-school funds. Richardson is possibly the culturally rich congregation in Texas, and the third largest church in the Texas Conference.

Positioning for Future Development. The purchase, renovation and operation of 302 Centennial Blvd, provides:

NDAA Site 2008

1. Opportunity to expand youth programs: Pathfinders and Adventurers.

2. Space for unique young adult programming including sporting activities. Capacity for church and area-wide events.

3. Consolidation of church and school campuses – a logical step both operationally and fiscally.

These three key areas afford the opportunity to leverage potential member growth and equity to position both church and school programs for sustained growth.

So “God’s Touch” in the Richardson church family for the past eight years has been nothing short of remarkable!


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