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ActsTwo Opens it’s Doors

I’m thrilled to announce the launching Sabbath of ActsTwo at:  2021 E, Park Blvd. Plano, TX 75075.

Not only is ActsTwo the birth of a unique community of faith, reaching out to others – but a worship experience designed to do just that, Worship!

Thanks for your continued support and prayers

May 15th Sabbath Schedule

  • 8:45 Arise! Breakfast
  • 9:20 Sanctuary Seating
  • 9:30 Worship
  • 10:20 Childrens Sabbath School
  • 11:00 After Glow – Fellowship
    At ActsTwo our prayer is that you experience God in an intense and real way, void of the noise and clutter that is so common in our lives.

    Every Sabbath at 9:30, ActsTwoenters into an intentional, 90 minute  Worship Experience, focused solely on the “vertical axis” of your relationship with God. The elements of traditional church will be there, so expect Bible Study and a thought provoking Sermon but look-out for a few pleasant additions.

    ActsTwo, 90 uncluttered minuets to edify the other 9990!


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Three Questions, Three Easy Answers…

  1. What’s happening? A Special, “Pre-Launch” gathering to Hear God Speak and Get Involved
  2. When does it happen? May 8th 9:00am Pre-service, 9:30am Worship
  3. Where will it happen? 2021 E. Park Blvd, Plano, 75074

See You There…

Pastor Paul

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