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What would an Acts 2 community look like today?

In our last meeting, (Sabbath, February 6, @ 5:00pm), we shared some honest dialogue.  Personally, I expressed my desire to be involved in a New Testament model of church – an Acts 2, community.  Many of you shared that same desire and we began reflecting on what an Acts 2, community would look like today.

What is Church?

Have you Done Your Homework?

Our homework was to simply ask God for insight and write down the impressions He put in our hearts. Thanks for the responses so far.  It’s not too late to send in your prayerful impressions.

Everyone should take a ‘stab’ at it!  Why not take a few moments to ask God what His community of faith should look like today.  Email your impressions to;

“Why aren’t we discussing where the new church will be and when we’re getting started?”

It’s a good question… Here’s a quick answer:

We established early on that ‘church’ is who we are; people committed to Christ and each other.  Church services are important, but knowing what we exist for and learning how to become a true community is essential to our success as a faith community. Importantly, it will shape the impact we have on those around us. It’s a critical, first-step.

Example: No one starting a new business will spend more time focussing on the location and opening times, without first establishing what business they are in, who their customers are and why their ‘services’ will be valuable.

The most common mistake start-up churches make is to focus on ‘How’ church can happen and where services will take place, often failing to address ‘What’ they are trying to achieve by starting a church!  No new church can afford to skip the process of knowing exactly what they are trying to do.  Sure, it’s a challenging task and may seem obvious until you attempt it. It’s difficult but absolutely worth the effort. The good news is that we have a blueprint in Acts 2!

Let’s get on the same page and share a common vision!  Don’t worry, the ‘where’ and ‘when’ will come shortly…

At our next meeting, I have an important update I’d like to share with you all in person…  TBA

Pastor Paul & Petronella


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